Let's make Mobility Safer for Everyone

NovoaGlobal Supports the 7th Annual United Nations Global Road Safety Week. It’s time to #RethinkMobility in order to make walking, cycling, and public transport safe and convenient so that people can make the shift to active, sustainable mobility. This modal shift is one of the recommendations in the Global Plan for the Decade of Action 2021-2030.

Key Concerns:

  • There is a desperate need for governments and their partners to rethink mobility. 
  • Safety must be at the core of efforts to reimagine how we move in the world. 
  • To ensure safety, road networks must be designed with the most at risk in mind.
  • When safe, walking and cycling can contribute to making people healthy, cities sustainable, and societies equitable.
  • Safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable public transport is a solution for many of societies’ ills.

NovoaGlobal supports the effort to Create Safer Communities. To find out how automated enforcement can make your community safer, Contact Us: 888-666-4218, Ext. 6 for East Coast and Ext. 7 for West Coast.  We can also be reached at [email protected]