Sensys America is a proud sponsor of the ColinsLaw.Org 2017 Car Show and Rally held on June 25th at Ft. Getty in Charlestown, Rhode Island. The Benefit Event is the Finest Classic, Antique, & Sports Cars Show and Road Rally of the Northeast and the proceeds will go to further the mission of ColinsLaw.Org, saving lives and protecting communities through improved traffic safety. For more information, Road Rally Course, Sign Up and Auction.

Car Show Starts at 10am, Road Rally Starts at 11am. Visit for Info & Pre-Registration, e-mail [email protected] or call 401-741-1678.

Benefit Event Details:

  • Rally Car & Driver (Includes Car Show & BBQ): $40
  • Rally Car Passenger (Includes BBQ): $25
  • Show Car (Includes $5 Food Voucher): $25
  • FREE Prize Drawing Ticket for all Cars
  • Public FREE


On May 16, 2010 Colin B. Foote was killed when a drug addicted, habitual traffic offender ran a red light and broadsided him as he crossed an intersection on a “green Light” only ¼ mile from his home. Had available, self-funding traffic safety technology been installed, or had the State of Rhode Island Div. of Motor Vehicles employed means to track Habitual Offenders as required by state law, it is likely that Colin would be alive today.

The primary goal of ColinsLaw.Org is to educate and inform the public about the success of intersection traffic light cameras. Charlestown, RI has installed red light cameras at two dangerous intersections, one being the location where Colin was killed.

Sensys America is the proud provider of these red light cameras in Charlestown, RI.