Protect Children in Your Community

NovoaGlobal offers the best school zone speed detection solution available to protect children traveling to and from school. Speed is one of the biggest determinants in whether an accident results in a serious injury or fatality, and reducing speeds to the posted speed limits in school zones will save lives. An automated school zone speed program protects children and pedestrians by reminding motorists to slow down and obey the school zone speed limits, especially while the lights are flashing and children are present.

A student hit by a vehicle traveling 20 mph, which is the typical speed limit in a school zone, has a 95% chance of living. That same student hit by a vehicle traveling more than 40 mph has an 80% chance of dying. 

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Florida CS/CS/HB 657: Enforcement of School Zone Speed Limits

Located in Florida? Want to add school zone speed enforcement systems that comply with CS/CS/HB 657: Enforcement of School Zone Speed Limits? Contact us at our headquarters in Orlando at 407-789-3607 ext. 6. Contact us: