Image of Traffic Light Graphic that says Stop On Red Awareness Week - Red Light Cameras Educate, few are repeat offenders

Few Repeat Offenders

Red Light Cameras educate drivers to STOP ON RED very effectively. Very few drivers who run red lights are repeat offenders. 


According the the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), red light cameras have been shown to reduce both red light violations and crashes.

A series of IIHS studies in different communities found that red light violations are reduced significantly with cameras. Institute studies in Oxnard, California, and Fairfax, Virginia, reported reductions in red light violation rates of about 40 percent after the introduction of red light cameras (Retting et al., 1999Retting et al., 1999). In addition to the decrease in red light running at camera-equipped sites, the effect carried over to nearby signalized intersections not equipped with red light cameras. 

A more recent IIHS study in Arlington, Va., also found significant reductions in red light violations at camera intersections one year after ticketing began (McCartt & Hu, 2014). These reductions were greater the more time had passed since the light turned red, when violations are more likely to result in crashes.


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