Is your Community Considering a Red Light Camera Program?

Photo enforcement is a proven, effective tool to make roads safer. Well-controlled before-and-after studies have found that red light cameras reduce violations and injury crashes, especially the violent front-into-side crashes most associated with red light running. Successful programs have a strong public information component, are transparent, and emphasize safety over revenue. In fact, communities should expect that revenue will decline over time as fewer drivers run red lights. Some, though not all, studies indicate that rear-end crashes increase initially, but rear-enders are typically low-severity crashes compared with the high-speed right-angle collisions targeted by red light camera programs. This checklist assumes your community is already legally authorized to set up a program. It is intended to help you operate a program to reduce crashes, prevent injuries, save lives, and maintain strong public support.

Checklist of how to start of red light program

To find out more about putting in place a Red Light Camera Program in your Community: 

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