Sensys America Railroad Safe

Sensys America developed Railroad-Safe in response to a request by the City of Orlando for a rail-highway grade crossing detection system that would detect drivers who ignore the flashing signals and drive around the crossing gate barriers. With Railroad-Safe, Orlando is monitoring Railroad Crossing Violations in Orlando without roadway intrusion or connection to the railroad infrastructure. Railroad-Safe detects the violators and photographs the violation so there can be no dispute.

In Orlando, those who ignore the red flashing lights and/or who drive around the gate are endangering themselves and others and they receive a Notice of Railroad Crossing Violation Warning. The warning notice asks violators to answer a brief survey to evaluate the effectiveness of the pilot program. (See the survey here)

The Orlando STOPS Railroad Crossing Safety Initiative campaign, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Railroad AdministrationSunRail, and Sensys America is working to improve awareness of the serious potential safety hazard of ignoring railroad crossing signals and driving through crossing gates.

Federal Railroad Administratiion

One of the most important goals of Railroad-Safe is saving lives and decreasing rail-related accidents, injuries and fatalities by educating drivers and making them aware of laws regulating railroad crossing violations and how driver’s actions at railroad crossings can endanger themselves and others. According to national statistics, 96% of all rail-related fatalities and injuries occur at highway rail-grade crossings or while trespassing on railroad property, and most of these collisions can be prevented.

Contact us today to find how Railroad-Safe can educate drivers in your area to operate more safely around railroad crossings.