Always Expect a Train

In 2019, there were 1,671 motor vehicle collisions at public rail grade crossings, which resulted in 129 fatalities and 657 injuries. In 2019, there were 660 motor vehicle collisions at rail transit train crossings, resulting in 9 fatalities and 197 injuries.

These injuries and deaths are completely preventable. By practicing vigilance around rail grade crossings, drivers help keep themselves, passengers and other motorists safe. It’s easy for drivers to forget that even in an emergency, a light rail train requires about 600 feet—the length of two football fields—to stop. Furthermore, an average-length freight train traveling at 55 miles an hour may take the length of 18 football fields to stop.

Drivers should always obey signs, slow down, look both ways down the track and listen before crossing.

NovoaGlobal Offers Automated Railroad Safety

NovoaGlobal offers an automated solution to railroad crossing enforcement. 

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