NovoaGlobal to Provide Automated Railroad Crossing Photo Enforcement Warning

NovoaGlobal, Inc., a leading provider of advanced photo enforcement warning technology, signs a new contract with Brightline, who is building a high-speed inter-city railway line between Miami and Orlando, Florida, US, to offer Railroad-Safe™, a railroad crossing safety solution to prevent rail-related fatalities by warning and educating drivers. This Vision Zero traffic safety solution will be operated at railroad crossings to collect information, educate the public, reduce the number of traffic violations and therefore decrease the risk of vehicle accidents.

Railroad-Safe™ detects drivers who fail to heed the railroad warning signals and drive through the crossing gates when trains are approaching, thus improving motorists’ compliance of railroad crossing warning devices.
Railroad-Safe™ enforces state and federal statutes, such as stopping 15 ft. from rail crossings, not proceeding through the crossing gate, nor entering the crossing without space to clear, as well as mandatory stopping for buses and trucks. With Railroad-Safe™, all motorists learn to exercise caution around the tracks.

“We are honored Brightline recognized the importance of providing our life-saving railroad photo enforcement warning solution to improve the safety of citizens. We look forward to supplying our cutting-edge technology and services to Brightline to enhance the successful implementation of Brightline’s new high-speed rail system,” said Carlos Lofstedt, President and CEO of NovoaGlobal.

NovoaGlobal’s photo enforcement-based driver education program is shown to be successful in reducing the number of railroad crossing violations. The railroad photo enforcement warning system detects and records the vehicle and tag number of vehicles who disregard the railroad warning signals and drive through the crossing gates while trains are approaching. According to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), the majority of railroad crossing collisions can be prevented.

In fact, in 2016 FRA’s Office of RD&T tasked the Volpe Center with evaluating the effectiveness of NovoaGlobal’s photo enforcement-based Railroad-Safe™ program. The Volpe Center conducted two studies, one short term and one long term, with results showing that the average hourly rate of violations per activation was reduced during both the short (by 15.4%) and long-term (by 17.2%) evaluation periods after the implementation of the photo enforcement program.

While enforcement is one way to get drivers to comply with any law, it is impossible for police to be everywhere. This Vision Zero approach to railroad crossing safety educates road users, encourages compliance with traffic laws, thus creating a safer community.

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