Is Stop Sign Running an Issue in Your Community?
Stop sign cameras help discourage stop sign running.
Novoaglobal’s Stop Sign Enforcement – How does it work?
Our multi-tracking radar tracks vehicle speed and position. The first violation picture shows violating vehicle BEFORE the stop line, license plate, and stop sign. The second violation picture shows violating vehicle AFTER the stop line, license plate, and stop sign. Video evidence is included to verify the violation.
The violation evidence includes HD picture before the line, HD picture after the line, close up of the license plate, photos show the stop sign, time, date, speed, and location. Video evidence of violation is part of the evidence provided. 
NovoaGlobal’s StopSign-Safe will change people’s driving habits so they won’t ignore the stop sign! About 40 percent of all fatal crashes in the country occur at intersections with stop signs.

StopSign-Safe detects whether drivers have come to a complete stop before proceeding. The stop sign units use radar to detect if a vehicle has stopped at, rolled through, or run a stop sign. Tickets are issued to those who fail to stop. Soon, every driver will stop and look to be sure they have the right of way!

We provide a turn-key solution at no cost to our clients including: study, installation, systems, pre-processing, payment system, and much more.

NovoaGlobal is improving community safety one intersection at a time!
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