NovoaGlobal Replaces Vendor to Provide Stop Sign, School Zone Speed and Red Light Photo Enforcement

NovoaGlobal, Inc. and the City of Center Point, Alabama, part of the Birmingham metropolitan area, signed an automated photo enforcement contract for the city’s stop sign, school zone speed and red light camera program to encourage safe driving at dangerous intersections and in school zones. NovoaGlobal, a leading provider of advanced traffic safety enforcement technology, replaces the existing vendor through a competitive bidding process.

NovoaGlobal’s automated speed photo enforcement and red light camera solutions incorporate the latest cutting-edge technologies in camera, video detection, and multi-tracking radar. NovoaGlobal was awarded the contract to provide a complete turnkey solution to include the systems, maintenance, installation, implementation, and continuing performance of the hardware, software and supporting services.

City officials are working with NovoaGlobal to implement the traffic safety program replacing current systems and adding new locations with the latest advanced technology.

Nationwide in 2019, speeding was a factor in 26% of all traffic fatalities, killing 9,478, or an average of over 25 people per day. The total number of fatal motor-vehicle crashes attributable to speeding was 8,544 according to the National Safety Council.

In 2018, 846 people were killed, and an estimated 139,000 were injured in crashes involving red-light running. IIHS found that about half of red-light running crash deaths involve pedestrians, cyclists and occupants in vehicles struck by the red-light runners.

“We want to help Center Point to be a Zero Fatality city with no fatalities or injuries from speeding in school zones, or stop sign and red light running,” said Carlos Lofstedt, President and CEO of NovoaGlobal.

If a driver speeds in a school zone, runs a stop sign or red light, the driver receives a Notice of Violation from the Center Point Police Department sent to the car’s registered owner. Photo evidence will be on the Notice of Violation and all photo and video evidence will be available online at for the driver to review.

“Speeding, stop sign running and red light running are preventable causes of deadly collisions and life-altering injuries,” said Lofstedt. “We look forward to bringing the latest technology to the City of Center Point in order to educate road users, enforce traffic laws, thus creating a safer community for Center Point’s families and visitors.”