ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, August 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — NovoaGlobal, Inc., a leading provider of advanced photo enforcement technology, provides automated oversize vehicle detection to Belle Isle, Florida.

The City of Belle Isle leads the way in using technology to solve crimes, increase safety, and increase the well-being of its citizens, while educating drivers. Using automated photo enforcement technology, NovoaGlobal offers Belle Isle the ability to continuously monitor for oversize vehicles on Nela Avenue Bridge and Hoffner Bridge where over-weight vehicles are restricted from crossing.

Using automated enforcement and real time monitoring camera systems, the expanded enforcement to Belle Isle’s existing camera program uses a Vision Zero approach to solve traffic safety and security issues through education rather than enforcement. In the interest of historic preservation and to eliminate unnecessary infrastructure repairs, over-size vehicles crossing the bridges will now receive warnings from the automated enforcement and real time monitoring camera systems provided by NovoaGlobal.

The city regulations state that vehicles that exceed five tons (10,000 GVWR – gross vehicle weight rating), with the exception of school buses that are picking up or dropping off students, are not allowed to cross these causeways.

Residents and visitors are asked to follow the regulations and encouraged to use McCoy Road as an alternate route for east/west travel.

“We are proud to be the technology partner of Belle Isle by providing Oversize, Stop Sign, Red Light Enforcement as well as video monitoring. With our technology, we offer Belle Isle the opportunity to expand traffic safety and solve real traffic issues with solutions, such as oversize vehicle detection,” said Carlos Lofstedt, NovoaGlobal President and CEO. “With our Vision Zero approach, the technology will change driver behavior through education rather than enforcement. We have used this Vision Zero approach in other cities such as Orlando’s railroad crossing enforcement with great success.”

The City of Orlando’s Orlando Stops traffic safety program uses NovoaGlobal’s Vision Zero approach to railroad crossing with warnings using portable enforcement technology. NovoaGlobal was selected because of the company’s unique capability to solve technological issues that other vendors cannot or are unwilling to attempt. Two studies were performed by the U. S. DOT Volpe Center (National Transportation Systems Center) on the efficiency of this system which is recognized by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).

NovoaGlobal’s focus is traffic safety enforcement with attention on saving lives and CEO Carlos Lofstedt, who promoted the Vision Zero philosophy to over 20 countries internationally, now brings the same philosophy to customers with Zero Fatality® Solutions.

While enforcement is one way to get drivers to comply with any law, it is impossible for police to be everywhere. Photo enforcement educates road users, enforces traffic laws, thus creating a safer community for Belle Isle residents and visitors.

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