More Agencies provided Speed Zone Safety Studies in Fall

On July 1st, HB657: Enforcement of School Zone Speed Limits allowing communities to install photo enforcement in school zones to enforce unlawful speed violations went into effect.

NovoaGlobal conducted School Zone Speed studies for the Winter Park Police Department. NovoaGlobal will be conducting further studies for additional Florida agencies when schools go back in August. 

As the only Florida-based photo enforcement company in North America…NovoaGlobal will work with Mayors, Council Members, Managers, and Law Enforcement to implement this new Law. 

Next Steps for You

1. Determine which school zones have dangerous driving behaviors that put your community and children at risk.  NovoaGlobal will help conduct preliminary school zone speed studies at no cost to you. Let’s discuss.

2. A county or municipality must enact an ordinance to authorize the placement or installation of a speed detection system on a roadway maintained as a school zone. We can work with you on establishing the ordinance. 

3. Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) will establish guidelines (Expected by December).  We will work with you to implement the guidelines. 

About the Law

Until now, the only traffic cameras authorized by law were red light cameras. The penalty will be $100 for violations in excess of 10 miles per hour over the applicable speed limit when children are going to or from school and during the entirety of the school day. In fact, even 10 mph over the speed limit is dangerous for our children because studies show at 30MPH, approximately five (5) children in ten (10) will die (50%).  
Communities can work with vendors to install “Speed detection systems” which are automated systems, such as NovoaGlobal’s School Zone Speed-Safe™, used to detect a motor vehicle’s speed and capturing a photograph and video of the rear of a vehicle that exceeds the speed limit at the time of the violation.
Signage must be posted indicating photographic or video enforcement of the school zone speed limits. A person who receives a notice of violation under this section may request a hearing within 30 days after the notice of violation, or may pay the penalty. The legislation prohibits points on a drivers license from being imposed for a violation and prohibits violations from being used for purposes of setting motor vehicle insurance rates.

NovoaGlobal Integrity and Leading Technology

We have been implementing automated traffic safety technology in Florida for over 10 years and have experience following Florida statutes, and local ordinances and regulations. We will implement a school zone speed safety program for you with integrity. We provide little to no internal bureaucracy and we’re able to provide customers with a level of service and flexibility not available from larger corporate entities within this industry.

NovoaGlobal’s advanced technology is the best in the industry.

Our School Zone Safety solutions incorporate the latest cutting-edge technologies in camera/video detection, HD image capture/image processing, and multi-tracking radar to name just a few. In-house R&D engineers ensure the optimization, integration, and stability of all NovoaGlobal integrated solutions, and NovoaGlobal’s technical support team makes sure that all systems in the field are running smoothly and at maximum performance levels. NovoaGlobal is a minority business enterprise that employs Florida residents in its photo enforcement programs as operators, technicians and bilingual customer service.

“School Zone Safety is our shared goal. Our speed detection technology changes driving behavior and helps reduce the number of accidents, injuries, and fatalities, protecting the most vulnerable in our communities, our children. We look forward to working with counties and municipalities because these are our children, too! We treat every customer as a partner and work diligently to ensure the highest degree of efficiency, flexibility, accuracy, and overall systems performance, with each and every community we serve,” said Carlos Lofstedt, NovoaGlobal President and CEO. 

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Our experts are available to help you, providing school zone safety studies at no cost to you. Get in touch to find out more about the law and how NovoaGlobal can help you ascertain which school zones are dangerous and require automated speed detection.

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