Protect Pedestrians from Impatient Drivers

NovoaGlobal’s Crosswalk–Safe is a fully automated crosswalk photo enforcement solution for monitoring and deterring drivers from entering a crosswalk while people are present.  With Crosswalk-Safe, drivers in your community will soon recognize a crosswalk as an area where vulnerable pedestrians are protected and change their bad driving behavior. 

Marked pedestrian crossings are often found at intersections, but can also be at other points on busy roads that would otherwise be too unsafe to cross without assistance due to vehicle numbers, speed or road widths. They are also commonly installed where large numbers of pedestrians are attempting to cross (such as in shopping areas) or where vulnerable road users (such as school children) regularly cross. Rules govern the use of the pedestrian crossings to ensure safety; for example, in some areas, the pedestrian must be more than halfway across the crosswalk before the driver proceeds.

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