According to IIHS forum guidelines with input from law enforcement and community leaders, first steps to identify problem traffic areas include careful assessment of intersections where red light running (and speeding) is a problem. 

Identify dangerous locations: 

  • Assess violation and crash data. 
  • Conduct field observations. 
  • Collect resident input.
  • Conduct Incident Study

Public input is essential. The checklist recommends that policymakers organize a community advisory committee made up of stakeholders such as law enforcement, victim advocates, school officials and residents to make suggestions on the development of a program.

Programs that focus on safety and transparency are successful. Including stakeholders in the planning phase, establishing a strong system for data collection and monitoring, and targeting only the violations with the greatest safety consequences are steps that build public confidence.

How Can NovoaGlobal  Help?

We can provide you with  assistance in evaluating the suitability of intersection approaches and roadway locations for automated enforcement. The selection of enforcement locations always remains within your sole discretion.

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