This Year We Reflect On All the Families and Friends Happily Gathering Together because of NovoaGlobal

As families and friends gather to celebrate the holidays, we reflect on our positive contribution to creating safer communities and keeping families and friends safe to happily spend time together this year.

Most people will never know some of their lives and the lives of their loved ones were saved this year by the wisdom of  community leaders in implementing NovoaGlobal’s life-saving speeding, red-light, stop sign and railroad traffic safety technology.

We’re proud of our staff and technology that contribute every day to the success of our company in creating safer communities. 

We wish you a season filled with plenty of happiness and tranquility. Happy Holidays! 

If you’re interested in providing life-saving technology to your community, Contact Us: 888-666-4218, Ext. 6 for East Coast and Ext. 7 for West Coast.  We can also be reached at [email protected]