NovoaGlobal Helps Cities Focus Their Resources on Policing

Law enforcement is out in force over the Fourth of July holiday which starts Friday and ends July 4th evening. What with the parades, parties, fireworks and mishaps, 911 calls, record high heat, and dangerous driving, law enforcement all over the country has their hands full. While we’re out enjoying the parade, joining a barbecue, or taking a family vacation, our law enforcement friends are not on holiday, they are working to keep us safe. But cities like Tacoma, Albuquerque and DC have added automated speed, red light and stop sign cameras from NovoaGlobal to help residents and visitors stay safe by changing driver’s behavior. Automated Cameras are a force multiplier for law enforcement, especially needed during this 4th of July holiday, and a proven well-studied, effective safety countermeasure to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries.

In fact AAA expects a record-breaking weekend for July 4th. AAA projects 50.7 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home this Independence Day weekend*, setting a new record for the holiday. Domestic travel over the long weekend will increase by 2.1 million people compared to 2022. This year’s projection surpasses the previous July 4th weekend record set in 2019 of 49 million travelers.

AAA has listed recommended times to travel and when to wait it out, as well as Peak Congestion by Metro Area

Projected Fatalities

Unfortunately, the National Safety Council (NSC) estimates 619 people may die on U.S. roads this Independence Day holiday period. Holidays traditionally are a time of travel for families across the United States. Many choose car travel, which has the highest fatality rate of any major form of motorized transportation based on fatalities per passenger mile. Holidays are also often a cause for celebrations involving alcohol consumption, a major contributing factor to motor-vehicle crashes.

Projected Injuries

The estimate of nonfatal medically consulted injuries that will result from crashes during the holiday period is 70,600 injuries.

Seat Belts will Save Lives

Based on the projected number of vehicle occupants who will wear seat belts, an estimated 245 lives may be saved this Independence Day holiday period. An additional 144 lives could be saved if all vehicle occupants wear seat belts.

Alcohol-Impaired-Driving Fatalities

The good news is that alcohol impaired fatalities have gone down, perhaps because of the younger generation now using drive share. But still, in 2021, alcohol impaired fatalities represented 31% of the total traffic fatalities. During the Independence Day period, 39% of fatalities involved an alcohol-impaired driver, one of the highest percentage among all the major holidays. So there is still work to be done. 

NovoaGlobal’s Cameras Change Driver Behavior

The good news is that NovoaGlobal offers countermeasures to help law enforcement keep communities safe from red light runners and speeders who endanger public safety. There is no time more evident than July 4th for the need to use all traffic safety measures available to keep communities safe. 

The FHWA, Federal Highway Administration, reports that speed safety cameras can reduce crashes on principal urban roads by up to 54%  for all crashes and up to 47% for crashes with injuries. This is an incredible tool to change driver behavior and keep communities safe. 

How NovoaGlobal Offers Cost Neutral Cameras

Tacoma and Albuquerque are just two cities, of many, that have realized their community is safer with red light and/or speed cameras. If you want to find out how your community can employ red light and speed cameras and be a force multiplier for your law enforcement, reducing injuries and fatalities, with a cost neutral program,  Contact Us: 888-666-4218, Ext. 6 for East Coast and Ext. 7 for West Coast.  We can also be reached at [email protected]