Get Children To and From School Safely

Over the next month children will start going back to school across the country. You can make children safer this year by encouraging your community to enforce speed in school zones using speed detection systems. 

Automated speed camera enforcement, such as NovoaGlobal’s School Zone Speed-Safe, is effective in reducing speed and speed-related crashes. Speed cameras photograph a vehicle’s license plate if the driver is speeding and a violation or warning is issued.

Does Enforcement Work? 

A 2016 Maryland speed enforcement study reported on the results of a comprehensive evaluation of an automated speed camera enforcement program in Montgomery County, Maryland. The evaluation was conducted seven and a half years after the introduction of the speed cameras to residential streets and school zones. Relative to comparable sites without cameras, sites with cameras saw a decrease in mean speeds, a decrease in the likelihood that a driver was driving at more than ten miles per hour above the speed limit, and a reduction in the likelihood of a crash resulting in an incapacitating or fatal injury. In a phone survey of drivers in the community, 95% were aware of the speed cameras, and 76% of those aware had reduced their speeds because of the cameras.

Who Pays for the Program?

The school zone speed enforcement program is usually self-sufficient where the violator fines cover the costs of implementation and in many cases can bring extra funding for the community to be used for other school or safety initiatives.

Camera equipment is usually leased from a vendor, such as NovoaGlobal. Most jurisdictions work with vendors to install cameras, process images, and issue citations. The vendor, such as NovoaGlobal, will operate and maintain the equipment and implement the program under the community’s direction.  Payments are made either on a set monthly basis or based on the number of citations. According to a NHTSA report, the net cost benefits society for the use of speed cameras.

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