New Law Helps Children Get To and From School Safely

With Florida’s new LAW Enforcement of School Zone Speed Limits, using speed detections systems such as NovoaGlobal’s School Zone Speed-Safe, Florida communities now have a tool to enforce  school zone speed limits to keep children safe as they are entering and leaving school.

Does Enforcement Work?

Automated Speed Enforcement programs are effective in reducing speed and, thus, reducing injuries and fatalities. Speed cameras photograph a vehicle’s license plate if the driver is speeding and a violation or warning is issued. 

Who Pays for the Program?

Anyone captured on a camera driving at least 10 mph over the speed limit in a school zone will face a $100 fine, according to the new law from HB 657, a portion of which must go back to the school:

  • $60 for local public safety initiatives, including speed detection systems in school zones
  • $12 toward school security and transportation initiatives
  • $5 to recruit and retain crossing guards
  • $23 goes to the Department of Revenue
Next Steps

The law requires the following steps to start off the program:

  1. Enact Ordinance – Requires a county or municipality to enact an ordinance authorizing the placement or installation of speed detection systems
  2. Conduct Speed Studies – The law requires a determination that the location of such system warrants additional enforcement. NovoaGlobal will offer FREE Speed Studies to qualified communities. Contact our experts.
  3.  Implement FDOT Guidelines – By December, FDOT will establish guidelines for Florida programs and NovoaGlobal will communicate those guidelines and assist communities to implement.

Contact Our Experts

Ready to give children a safe path to school by enforcing school zones, thus decreasing the potential for injuries and fatalities in your community? We’re ready to help. As the only Florida-based company, we follow Florida law and have a vested interested in keeping our children safe – these our are children too! 

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