NovoaGlobal provides automated traffic safety since 2011

 NovoaGlobal, Inc., a leading provider of advanced traffic safety enforcement technology is proud to announce it has renewed its contract with the City of Chattanooga, Tennessee to maintain systems and manage its Automated Traffic Enforcement Program. As a leading national developer and manufacturer of advanced traffic infraction enforcement solutions with a long-standing customer and partner relationship with Chattanooga, NovoaGlobal offers its Vision Zero solutions to the City.

Chattanooga is NovoaGlobal’s oldest automated enforcement program in Tennessee. Since 2011, NovoaGlobal has provided the City of Chattanooga with red light and speed camera enforcement. This traffic enforcement technology is saving lives every day.

Chattanooga is a Smart City and NovoaGlobal’s systems are a part of the Smart City program. The Smart City Division plans for and develops new technology – autonomous vehicles, mobility as a service, and more – that will transform the future of transportation in Chattanooga. The division also manages street lights, traffic signals, and data about Chattanooga streets to keep the city safe and moving efficiently.

The traffic safety program is cost-neutral for the city and invaluable in terms of life-saving behavioral changes in Chattanooga drivers. NovoaGlobal’s speed camera technology has succeeded in keeping down the accidents and fatalities by over 90% at Hixson Pike’s s-curve. NovoaGlobal is changing driver behavior by reducing violations and has helped solve multiple criminal investigations.

“We are proud to be part of Chattanooga’s Smart City program. Our long-term relationship with the City of Chattanooga speaks to the wisdom of the city’s leadership and to our technology and service. For over ten years, our traffic safety systems helped in reducing traffic accidents and fatalities and solving crimes. We look forward to many more years of providing our advanced technology,” said Carlos Lofstedt, President and CEO of NovoaGlobal.

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