Battery Operated Portable Automated Enforcement Systems

We celebrate our battery operated P-Armor portable system on National Battery Day. We developed a completely self-contained portable system designed to operate using heavy duty, deep cycle batteries which can operate continuously, unattended for more than three weeks before the batteries need to be charged or with our renewable energy solar system, batteries never need to be changed 

Always one step ahead, NovoaGlobal developed this technology in 2012 for DC and is working on it’s newest version of the battery-operated technology. As the U.S. transitions to clean energy and electrified transport, NovoaGlobal leads the way, offering cities the opportunity to be part of building a green, energy-independent future. 

In addition to green technology, the beauty of our advanced systems is the high degree of versatility. For example, this deceptively simple device enforces speeding and stop signs in DC and monitors railroad crossings in Orlando and for Brightline in South Florida. The system is extremely versatile and can be used for school zones and for Vision Zero applications such as crosswalk infractions and intersection gridlock. There is virtually no enforcement need that cannot be met with this portable unit. 

As part of our renewable energy effort, our new battery operated solar system means exchanging batteries is almost never necessary. We offer this as a permanent portable solution that requires little set up time.

P-Armor, our battery operated, advanced fully portable enforcement safety system, helps prevent motor vehicle crashes, reduce speeding,  stop sign running, and railroad crossing thereby saving lives and helping to prevent unnecessary human suffering. The NovoaGlobal photo enforcement systems are like nothing else in the industry. Our battery operated portable systems do not employ roadside cabinets, nor do we require any intrusion into the road surface . . . ever. We do not even require a fixed installation. The only requirement for installation is a level surface of about 30” x 30”.

We are proud of our clean energy, battery-operated automated enforcement systems which are unlike any in the industry. The modular design and rack-mounted components are  easily interchangeable, ensuring years of trouble free operation.

If you are interested in green energy independence and finding out more about our portable battery operated systems, please contact our specialists at: 888-666-4218, Ext. 6 for East Coast and Ext. 7 for West Coast.  We can also be reached at [email protected]