Today We Honor King's Quest for Racial Justice

Today, we celebrate and reflect on the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., a treasured American civil rights leader who dedicated his life to achieving racial equality. In the 1950s and 60s, King led a campaign of non-violent protests and civil disobedience in the struggle to end discrimination, including racial segregation, in the US. He pushed for social and economic improvements for African Americans while also fighting for legal equality. We have not completely realized Dr. King’s quest for racial justice but as we look back we can see how far we’ve come and how far we have to go. 

NovoaGlobal celebrates King’s vision of diversity, offering opportunities without regard to race. In fact, NovoaGlobal has established a firm intolerance of discrimination and will continue to support the legacy of Dr. King with our employees, customers, our partners, and the communities we serve. 

If you’re interested in being a part of our diverse team, please contact us. We currently have openings for service technicians and back office operators. Contact us at 888-666-4218, Ext. 6 or [email protected]