Drivers who violate traffic laws receive payable enforcement notice beginning December 1, 2022

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, December 1, 2022 / — NovoaGlobal, Inc. works with the City of Belle Isle, Florida, part of the Metropolitan Orlando area, to expand the City’s red-light camera program to encourage safe driving at dangerous intersections. Beginning December 1st, the following dangerous intersection will begin payable notices of violation.

• McCoy Road (eastbound) @ Lindos Drive

NovoaGlobal and City officials expanded the traffic safety program to install an additional camera at a dangerous red-light intersection in the city. The red-light camera enforcement program expansion began with a warning period from November 1 to November 30th, giving motorists time to change their bad driving habits before payable notices of violation begins December 1st with a fine of $158.

Belle Isle contracts with NovoaGlobal to provide red-light cameras at dangerous intersections throughout the City. Signs “Photo Enforced” are clearly posted at intersections and monitored all day, every day with advanced photo enforcement technology from NovoaGlobal. The monitoring system captures photos and videos of vehicles that run a red light at the intersection.

Beginning December 1st, if a driver runs a red light, the driver receives a Notice of Violation from the Belle Isle Police Department sent to the car’s registered owner. Photo evidence will be on the Notice of Violation and all photo and video evidence will be available online at for the driver to review.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, in the U.S. there are an average of 7 fatal crashes and over 1,000 injury crashes EVERY DAY at signalized intersections across the United States. In addition, the cost to society of all crashes exceeds $230 billion annually. In the last decade, red-light running crashes killed nearly 9,000 people, while an estimated 165,000 motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians are injured annually by red-light runners.

Red light crashes are particularly dangerous because they can cause a side impact collision. The driver of the vehicle with the right-of-way may not be aware of the incoming collision and cannot avoid or steer away to prevent the strike. What makes preventing side impact crashes citical is that the point of impact is closer to the driver and passengers, striking on the side of the vehicle which is not well protected, leading to severe injury or even death.

“We are proud to work with Belle Isle to expand the traffic safety solution to benefit Belle Isle’s residents and visitors,” said Carlos Lofstedt, President and CEO of NovoaGlobal, “because we know the technology works to prevent life altering crashes and saves lives every day.”

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