1 in 3 Americans know someone injured or killed in red light running crashes. 

Melissa Wandall’s Husband killed by a red-light runner 

One of the most well known and devastating reports of the effects of red light running come from Melissa Wandall who spear-headed Florida’s red light camera legislation allowing cameras to be used in the State of Florida.

According to Melissa Wandall, in October of 2003, her husband and brother went out for a quick bite to eat. On their way home, a little over a mile from their house, they stopped at a red-light. As they started with the green light, another driver blew through a red light. Her brother was critically injured — and her husband died instantly. She was 9 months pregnant. 

Since that time Melissa Wandall has been a tireless advocate for red light cameras. To see more testimonials of the devastating effects of red light running see the National Coalition for Safer Roads.

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